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ormer life, present life, later generations, all my luck in these three lives is just to meet you.scriptio is still in the alley, but the familiar figure is no longer...n I was a child, I always waited for the sunset. At that time, I followed the quiet alley and stepped on the piece of bluestone to go to the alley to listen to the book. The storytelling is a trace of the eyebrows filled with years Newport Wholesale In Usa, talking about the elderly. His deep eyes are like a book that can never be read, but he wants to tell us everything.y is an old man who seems to be knowledgeable, but we are called a stupid old man? always sat alone on the stone bench in the alley with a book every day, and even if it was windy and rainy, he could not ruin his interest in storytelling Newport Cigarettes Sellers, so that year after year, day after day, how could it be so stupid? The old man? Even if people don't understand his approach, he will not be angry when he calls him a stupid old man. He is always so tolerant. stupid old man said that the book was very fascinating and vivid. His words were also very powerful, but it seemed difficult for me to understand the world. Therefore, every time I go to the alley, I don't care about the content of the storytelling, but his eyes. The eyes of the stupid old man are deeply immersed in the eyes, but they are not big but fascinating Carton Cigarettes For Sale Online. As the story develops, his eyes are always Change, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, sometimes painful, sometimes angry. My heart is lifted up withoung, I can't think of how the stupid old man can get through the scriptures and get through the geography. Then he asked him the source of these stories Newport Cigarettes Reviews. The stupid old man changed his humorous and humorous state and touched my little head. He said with a strong heart: "Children, these are written in books. Reading can know the width of the world, the world is big Order Marlboro 100'S Online, you can know things, understand. Learning. It can not make people sad, not sad, lonely when not lonely..." After that, he sighed and went back to the house. I sat there and looked at him and looked at his back on the back. It was so frustrating that the silly old man who usually opened his mouth was so frustrated. What is he thinking about?r, I realized that he was not stupid but infatuated. It turned out that his wife liked to watch him in front of the alley when he was alive, but his wife died with him in a illness. He relied on storytelling. To pin his feelings for his wife. old man, you are so knowledgeable, it is just a singular obsessive! It��s true that three students have the privilege of meeting you. It is you who let me understand the importance of the book. I have taught me to persist and persist, thank you.u know if you are so persistent with your wife?

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