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Wotou, regardless of the people in the rural city, whoever has seen the people who have eaten, most know what it is. As far as today is concerned, what is the most common rough food on the table? What is the mention of the head? From today's breakfast, the two nests at home suddenly came to mind. This is not only because I like to eat the baby's head since I was a child, but there is another important reason. This is the day when the old father of the 80-year-old father steamed himself on Saturday. As usual, with his wife and two sisters, I drove back from the city to the hometown of more than 30 miles, visited my parents, and poured two buckets of spring water. The second sister proposed to go to a vegetable farmer who often went to buy some freshly cooked leeks, and returned to my parents to pack dumplings Carton Of Cigarettes Newport. I agree that Big Brother is at home. Everyone is very happy to meet. The wife and the second sister started to pick up the leeks, and they are busy with dumplings. The big brother started to work at noon. My brother-in-law and my brother-in-law were drinking tea with their parents in the shade of the yard. At this time, my father told me that he steamed two pots of "ten-face" wolf heads, let me take some to go back to eat. After listening to it, I was both surprised and happy, and I was very happy to agree with the three-faced face Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Most of them know the concept, that is, the white head and two kinds of coarse grains, such as cornmeal and sweet potato. If it is said that it is the "Ten-Face", I heard it for the first time from the snacks. Moreover, I heard it from my father��s mouth, or the father personally said "Ten-face". It is the "five-faced face", and there are very few people who can say which "five-faced face", let alone the "ten-face". What are the foods that are mixed, I have not I remembered asking my father, but I can guess that it was almost the day of the first two weekends, or the two sisters went home four times and found that my father had large and small pots and jars in the yard, the board cover Waiting for the family, there is all kinds of food inside. I asked my father what it is, my father said, washing and drying the grain, pumping it into flour and steaming the head, I didn��t care very much, because my father remembered from our brothers and sisters, the Chinese New Year It��s all the father��s steamed head. This time it was indeed the "Ten-Face". I returned from my parents yesterday. My father didn't forget to put six wolves on it. The wife and the second sister and the big brother didn't like it. Even if it was delicious, it was also a head. Just take out two nests, sneak in the pot, fry a small fish Newport Cigarettes For Sale, give the wife a cabbage and dry a plate, make corn porridge, open to eat. I saw the color of the slippery head into a multi-tone, it looks There are red, black, purple, orange, yellow, yellow and green colors. The head of the wolf is stronger than the hoe, and it is opened, and it is chewed in the mouth. First of all, the taste is sweet, sweet, cotton Buy Cigarettes Wholesale, crisp, sticky, from the color of the head. And taste, I probably ate at least the food I know, chestnuts, red beans, mung beans, soybeans, black beans, sweet potatoes, corn, millet, rice, of course, white noodles are indispensable, because the current sorghum is difficult to buy. I generally infer The above-mentioned ten kinds of grain flour are mixed with the flour, which is the father of the old father. Our brothers and sisters often buy some rice noodles and beans for their parents. Because they can't eat, they have accumulated a lot. Nowadays, there are very few poultry in the family, especially It��s summer, the food will Insects, the father is afraid of wasting food, only to think of this trick, this is undoubtedly a classic of turning waste into treasure, because the general family is poor, eating white noodles is a luxury, eating a head is helpless, then The head can only be the ��one-faced�� sweet potato noodle, and the better is the ��two-faced�� sweet potato cornmeal. The usual food is the vegetable nest. Although the conditions are good, occasionally eat a nest. "Dim Sum" is almost the same. If every meal must be eaten, I am afraid I will return to the "old society", which is difficult to swallow and love to eat. In fact, it is the "three-faced" wolf, which is three-points of white noodles, cornmeal and sweet potato noodles. The blended head makes it the most fragrant. The "Ten-face" process is complicated and extravagant. It is good to eat occasionally as a moon cake-like "snack". The "Ten-face" nest is often rare. The first time I did it, I also ate it for the first time in my life. No matter how much food my father��s family had, it was never wasted and spoiled. If it couldn��t be eaten, it would face summer worms and would not turn waste into treasure. People, maybe just throw away when the garbage . The family is the grandfather's grandfather. The family training passed down from generation to generation is also the family rule that the father often teaches our brothers and sisters Order Newports Online. This time, the father's "ten face" is not a rich luxury, but a classic reappearance of diligence and housekeeping. I love to eat, I love to eat. It��s the taste, it��s the family training, June 23, 1998.

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