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What is the favorite thing? For me, this seems like a problem. The people in the confusion do not know the answer. Sometimes I ask myself, why do I have a good time? Good time is full of energy, self, like a playful little girl, but more often I am a pathological appearance, lack of energy, or even feel no To the things and people around. A self-paralysis. Sunlight, flowers, music, and even my favorite paintings are all put down. The mind is traveling alone, this kind of travel-like experience is not what I want, it feels like a child who has been taken away. I have thought of a lot of ways. When this feeling came down again, I was like a sly machine, deeply powerless, like a drunken person. That feeling is really not that bad. Now I just want to record my feelings when I am quiet Buy Newports, like rebirth again and again, to feel the world for the first time like a baby. Everything starts with your own breathing. Let go of all the troubles, the burden on your shoulders. Of course, I have to thank my family and my husband here. They gave me a lot of love. In the past, I put this love on my shoulders. The more I backed up, the more I relapsed. Every time I relapsed Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online, I couldn��t help but watch them sad. I thought for a long time, I think maybe I put this love wrong, she should not be on the shoulder, but in my heart. The place of my heart. Love is never a bondage, love is gentle. I used to go in the opposite direction on the road of love. So often I can't feel it. Although it seems to have gone a long way, it actually returned. In the place of departure, it is not wrong to love. The wrong direction is that the direction is marked for a while, and I am particularly crazy. Sensitive hearts have no sense of security. The whole heart is filled with fear and restlessness, and deep sense of despair fills every cell of the body. This feeling can not be said, in his own small cell, squatting, bruises. Now think about the feeling of distress in my heart. The impetuous heart can't be quiet. I even want to end my life and get a moment of peace. Feeling on an isolated island, there is almost no other thing except the mourning of the waves. In those painful times, I really thank those who have accompanied me. There are too many uncertainties in my body. Until now, I still don't know whether my character was born or not Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. I still think that it is melancholy. Maybe there is no boundary between them, like the mud and water in the mire. I have deliberately changed, tried hard to think of a lot of ways, just want to find a suitable living condition for me. I don't know why, I can write words quietly now. The heart is a kind of peace that has never been seen before. Xu is so painful that the people who have smoothed out their hearts are not willing. When I was young, my heart was arrogant, I was eager to win, and I was unrealistic. At this time, it was like the lotus pond after the summer rain, with the smell of earth and the faint lotus aroma. The hardest thing is not the desire to become famous, but not to let the desire expand to the point of losing control. If I can, I want to let go of everything, let the years be quiet, have a peace of mind, accept all the things brought about by fate. I want to get along with myself and not kill myself like an enemy. I don't know how to evolve in the future, but at the moment I feel the warmth of embracing myself. No longer go to a better life. Don't be angry with yourself, love yourself. Find a happy elf tree from all the simple things. Quietly waiting for it to grow up. The favorite words, paintings, and music are innate gifts. I still love them no matter how long I have been, as if love never left. Under the condition of not abandoning, it is a peace of mind that does not give up. These two days, quietly typing words, my heart is not mixed with a few other thoughts like this feeling Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes, pure heart, like the white clouds in the clear sky. The illness made me lose all interest, but it didn't know that was the case. When I complained about the bad fate, it was a willing acceptance Marlboro Red 100S For Sale. Accept good and bad things. I know that maybe I will be tortured by depression in the future. I might as well turn on the computer and then look back at the text I recorded at the moment, the mood at this time. When people are confused and do not know where to go when they are pushed forward, they may wish to look back at themselves, find their original heart, hug the past when they are in a good mood, warm up with her, let the heart keep up with the body. The growth, all the way to the original plac

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