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In this dramatic story, obviously, I am not the protagonist, nor qualified to be a guest, I am just a humble extra actor, just because of your extra concern, I have poured all my thoughts on you this day, or I can't help but remember, there is no way to do what I should do. I am ruthlessly shirking these helplessness to you. I use many fast-paced songs to paralyze my head Cheap Cigarettes, just not to let myself Thoughts go after you. It��s dawn, I��m waiting for the dark, I won��t be so tormented at night, because you��ve never been near my dreams, or maybe I��m not recognizing you, yeah, what should I use to identify an unseen person? What about you? I am grateful to thank you for letting me pass me at night and knowing my ridiculousness. I think this is a big difference between men and women! You said that you basically think of me when you are not busy. I don't want to test the authenticity of this sentence Carton Of Cigarettes. I don't need to guess too many such problems because I don't have the power. I can't say that I intend to have nothing to do with you. I can think about it carefully. What do I care about? It is almost worthy of what kind of qualifications you have used to attract such a person. Your hard work and excellence, I love that you sometimes have a sad heart like me, so what I am embarrassed is that you are sketching out for yourself, not necessarily the material itself. Very funny! I think so, but I have to admit that all of this is my inner feelings. I am not thinking of you when I am not busy. I am, I always think of you. I take people to eat, go to class, sleep every day, but use the most abstract thoughts of the human body to surround you. Now, I hate all the quiet moments, but I am also obsessed with such moments. A quiet environment will make me unable to control my thoughts. It always keeps wandering around you, which makes me tired and makes me resentful. But I reject the noisy atmosphere, it will make me contradictory, I don't want the noisy environment to destroy the quiet, beautiful you. The old man who gave us the class said: People who study literature will be innocent forever, and the so-called innocence is immature and has no sense of responsibility. I can't say that I am deeply poisoned by literature. I am not qualified to say that, but the melancholy of nature makes me and the literati who are infatuated with the hurricane and the moon will always be able to spend a lot of time to hurt you. Say, does this seem to be "nothing to find things"! Regardless of the hard work, it is always paying for indifference. I wonder if God will sigh like this, and whether he will repent for creating such a crowd. Anyway, from these laws, at least I can sum up my innocence or a little scientific basis, like a sister, a mother-like teacher who tells us that the network is not all false, its real ingredients are not too little. . She will be full of nostalgia and also tell us with pain and pain that she has been dating an unfamiliar man for four years. I think it's ridiculous! It is because she specializes in ancient literature, so I really thought that I lived in ancient times? I thought that I was the woman of the feudal dynasty who knew what the husband was like on the wedding day Marlboro Cigarettes. However, I later discovered that I was actually so ridiculous. You don't have to care if the softest part of your body has such a corner that can accommodate me. You can't think about whether we have a long-term future, but I can just so quietly miss such a same distance. You are at the horizon. While expressing love to you, I also promised you that I told you that this is just my own business. I will organize myself. I will not give you any chance to refuse me. I am afraid that you are simple. In one sentence, I denied all that I have for you. Like the young female singer Yao Beina sang: Can you love you like this? But I don't want to ask for your opinion Online Cigarettes. To be exact, I don't dare to ask for advice. As long as I can care about you so silently, I feel enough that I don't want to violate my promise. I promised to stop writing for you. In the second half of the Chinese character, I thought that as long as I persisted for a while, I would not miss it again. After a whole week, I could only end up with a wolf. I still couldn��t do it. I not only lied to you but also lied to myself. Like tonight, because of you, in this quiet morning, I still can't sleep. Coincidentally, you didn't even sleep, but you are not because of me, you just want to wait for a flight that can take you on your dreams in this slightly bleak silence. But, let me thank, and what moved me is that you still remembered me. You sent me a voice that gave me a lot of energy in your rushing 1:20 am. You said that you have boarded. The plane to Copenhagen, you have time to contact me after you said. It was just such a simple voice, but it made my hot tears pass over the corners of my eyes until I got into the hair that I didn't count. But I can't reply to your greetings quickly. I can't let you know that I am still missing you in this quiet late night. I am worried that you will laugh at me. The more I deliberately forget, the more I can only remember. So since I can't forget it, I began to hesitate whether I should use you as my inspiration. I am not a poet, not a writer. I am just a rough person, but I am willing to share these emotions that no one knows and nowhere to tell me with my paper and pen. In fact, I can only do this, otherwise I will More blocked. Instead of thinking about forgetting and not forgetting, I think, as you are now, leaving a few words on these white papers, this way is relatively better! In this new era of forgetting words, I occasionally write these Chinese characters composed of a lot of messy strokes such as ��horizontal, vertical, sly, and smashing��. I think this should be a good way. I did not regret that I did not desperately fight for it. I can let you know the friendship in my heart. I really think it is enough. Even if we have to silently miss it, the companionship of a few months is enough for me to remember for a long time Wholesale Cigarettes. I don't want to do anything I can't do, so I don't want to catch you without shame, let alone our relationship is so The land is fragile and fragile. As long as the network is turned off, I will never find you again. I don��t know if we met the right person at the wrong time. Did you meet the wrong person in the right time? Or someone who has encountered the wrong mistake in the wrong time, but I know that we have lost to the reality, we are all slaves of this society, in order to be able to gain a place in this society, we are crawling forward without stopping. No one will give up because of who we are so close to, but so far away from love, we are just the strangers who are most familiar. Regardless of the outcome, please allow me to call you a "dear", then dear, may your present, your future will be all right!

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