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One day, a certain man looked sad and tired and said to me: Everyday living in a hustle and bustle city, surrounded by a roaring machine, can't sleep quietly at night, my heart is very annoying, and my work is languid during the day. I really want to find a secluded place to stay for a night or two, so that my body and mind can be rested. So we met in a mountain village in the suburbs for a weekend. We booked a small villa in the mountain village, no one in the wild, and it was very quiet at night. I can't wait to sleep at nine o'clock in the evening, enjoy the rare peace, and sleep very swelled and slept overnight. I felt completely awake at six o'clock the next morning. After washing, I went out to walk around the villa and breathe the fresh air in the villa. When I came to the garden, I met a certain monk who was also strolling, and then asked him if he enjoyed a night's sleep. He said that he didn't sleep for a night, lying on the bed, like a movie in his head, all kinds of things were clipped in the head like a montage. He turned over and over in the bed like a pancake. I suddenly understood the quiet we hoped for. There are two places: one is the quietness of the environment, and the other is the inner peace. I was able to sleep peacefully because of the quiet environment; and although a certain gentleman was in a quiet place, he was still unable to sleep. In order to maintain a healthy and restful body and mind, we need the quiet Chinese character "����" that exists in both the environment and the inner heart. It consists of "green" and "contention". From the literal point of view, "contention" is very "quiet" is a contradiction The competition cannot be quiet. The ancients constituted the word "quiet" and the word "contention" (probably the ancient sound "contends" and "quiet" the same), and takes the meaning of "green". Therefore, the original meaning of "quiet" is "the color distribution is appropriate". Xu Wei's "Shen Wen Jie Zi"'s "Quiet" word "Dan Qing, Ming Xu also." Qing Dynasty Duan Yucai further explained: "Distribution of five colors Wholesale Cigarettes. Dense and dense chapters. Although it is extremely smashing. And innocent It is not clear. It is quiet." Visible, "static" was originally a visual concept, but now it becomes a concept of hearing. This is the genetic variation in the development of Chinese characters, just like "smell" is originally an auditory movement, and modern Most of the "smell" in Chinese is the olfactory action. However, in the sense of synaesthesia, the uniform color of the picture gives a feeling of quietness, especially the ink and wash, which makes people look good and feels quiet and serene. Therefore, Chinese ink paintings express the theme of idyllic idyllic; the Greek sculpture "La Okon" is a tiger's tightly entangled and painful facial painting. It is not only the Chinese painting, but also the Chinese painting. The aesthetic taste is also the aesthetic stipulation of Chinese people both inside and outside Cigarettes Online. In ancient China, the beauty of women was described as "quiet" Cigarettes For Sale. "The Book of Songs" has a "Quiet Girl" article: "The girl is quiet, and I am in the city." "How beautiful the quiet girl is, waiting for me in the turret of the city." After the Book of Songs, the ancients judged the important standard of women's beauty Marlboro Cigarettes. It is "quiet", the so-called "quiet as a virgin, moving like a rabbit", contrasting the young woman with "quietness" as beauty. Many words describing the beauty of women are related to the word "��", such as "wenjing", "quietness", "yingjing", "quietness" and so on. In classical literary works, the description of beauty is generally inseparable from the word "static" Online Cigarettes. Meng Jiao, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, also wrote a poem "Quiet Girl" describing the woman of Jingjing: "The glamorous women are all stunned, and the women are secretly traced. Any shameful makeup, married and not married. Gentleman is easy to hire, small It is difficult for people to be self-sufficient. This is the person who is forgiving, and the string is very heavy." The Qing Dynasty Long Chan lays the "Blood Blood Monument" with such a saying: "Wu Ziying, Anhui Tongcheng people, Shaoxing Jingzhi, long "The essence of the preparation of Ying Ying." Cao Xueqin's "Dream of Red Mansions" praised Lin Yuyu said: "When quiet, if the flowers are like water, the action is like a weak Liu Fufeng." In the late Qing Dynasty, Liu Wei had "The Old Man Travel", in the eighth time. Written "There is a woman who is 18 years old and younger... looks dignified and quiet, bright and elegant." Chinese traditional women use "quiet" as the beauty, so women's names carry a lot of "quiet" characters. Of course, Western women also have the name of ��quiet��, which is Serena, but Chinese women emphasize ��quietness��. Crazy girls are often unrecognized and low-level characters in literary works. For example, the Ѿ�ߴ��� in "Peony Pavilion" is often awkward and has many words; while the opposite Du Jia, Du Li Niang is quiet and quiet. I feel that the classical poetry songs are mostly based on the theme of "quietness", and the works that describe "quietness" often touch the reader's heart. The most famous of these is Li Bai's "Quiet Night Thoughts": "Before the bed, the moon is closed, and the suspect is the frost on the ground. Looking up at the moon, looking down on the hometown." The traveler far away from home is savoring the feelings of homesickness in the dead of night. The "homesickness" is not enough to impress readers. Li Bai has highlighted
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