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There are a number of visual symptoms that can be observed when brick and stone masonry structures want restoration. Restoration of an existing stone or brick structure might only call for replacing a few masonry units that have been damaged by accidental blunt force impacts that demand grinding out the mortar surrounding the damaged units Jean Segura Mariners Jersey , removing the damaged units and repointing them back into place with a matching mortar. Then there are times when much more significant restoration processes want to be undertaken, when portions of a masonry structure begin to show discoloration, brick face spalling (cracking and chipping) Jarrod Dyson Mariners Jersey , mortar cracks and crumbling. These are signs that the masonry structure is under siege from the components from the inside and the material of the wall begins to break down. This sort of harm is typically triggered by moisture obtaining inside the brick or stone face structure and gets trapped there. Then when freezing and thawing takes spot, the material expands and contracts at various rates, causing a breakdown in all of the material Ichiro Suzuki Mariners Jersey , brick and mortar alike. This trigger of this kind of deterioration wants to be stopped by finding the source of the leaked moisture, whether or not it be a leaking wall flashing or wall cap etc. When the moisture leak is discovered and stopped, then there are a number of approaches to approach the repair or restoration depending on the extent of the harm. If the extent of the harm is significant adequate Hisashi Iwakuma Mariners Jersey , some times you would be greater served (cost and time wise) to just replace the whole wall or structure.

There are also instances when the foundation or the footer of the masonry wall is the trigger of masonry wall failure. When an unstable foundation or a foundation failure is at fault, you will see the mortar on a brick or stone structure start to pull away or separate from the brick or stone units, leaving gaps among the mortar and the masonry units in a horizontal stair step pattern. There can also be present Felix Hernandez Mariners Jersey , occasional vertical cracks in the mortar and occasionally even in the brick units themselves. The foundation will require to be repaired ahead of any powerful restoration can take location. Yet another note: if you are planning to have new exterior hardscape work accomplished such as, freestanding masonry walls, fireplace Edgar Martinez Mariners Jersey , outside entertainment locations and retaining masonry walls, you should (should) have a correctly poured, rebar reinforced Dee Gordon Mariners Jersey , concrete footer underneath the masonry structure, to have a sound, longlasting masonry fixture.

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Beyond Taxes – How Your Profit & Loss Statement Can Help You Run Your Business

Author: Linda Dawson

You would be surprised how valuable your Profit & Loss Statement is and how it can help you manage your business. It can show you if you material Carlos Ruiz Mariners Jersey , labor or administrative costs are too high or too low. It can also show you the trend in your business so that you can capitalize on favorable trends and mitigate negative trends. And finally, your Profit & Loss Statement can provide the foundation for creating a budget and truly enable you to get control of your costs.

Most small-business owners think of their bookkeeping as a necessary evil that is useful only for the preparation of tax filings. But your Profit & Loss Statement is much more than that. Comparing the current year financial activity to the prior year can tell you how your business is progressing – whether the trends are headed up or down. If they are headed up then you can expand on what you are doing right. This will increase your profits and make your business stronger. Conversely, if the trend lines are heading down Authentic Ryon Healy Jersey , you can identify what is causing the negative trend and then make changes to rectify the situation. Maybe your quality is slipping or your vendors are causing delays in the production cycle. Whatever the problem, by figuring out what is going wrong, you are sure to improve your business. Another useful tool is calculating costs as a percentage of sales. This calculation will tell you if your material or labor costs are too high and show how your selling and administrative expenses are tracking against sales. Costs that are too high will eventually put you out of business. But costs that are too low are a real danger too. It could indicate a decrease in product quality or reduced customer service. By digging a little deeper you can identify which product lines are most profitable. It might surprise you that a product receiving little attention has a great gross profit. That is your starting point for a marketing program to push a product with low sales volume but great gross profit potential. Your Profit & Loss Statement is also a useful tool for creating a budget. Once you have identified your sales streams and costs Authentic Robinson Cano Jersey , you can estimate what those items will be next year. It might surprise you that a small increase in sales without a corresponding increase in costs can have a dramatic positive effect on the profitability of your business. At the same time, increased costs without a corresponding increase in sales can cut deeply into the profitability of your company. This is especially true of labor costs which are often the highest cost in a business. So take a few minutes and look at your Profit & Loss Statement. Compare it with last year and see how your business in progressing. Then look at those percentages to see if your costs are too high or too low. You will be surprised at how much valuable information is available just by reading your Profit & Loss Statement.

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