#1 Everyone will have the "first time" thing von ylq123 20.10.2018 08:46

Everyone will have the "first time" thing, some will do it, and some will do it. However, they are all good memories. I am no exception. When I first washed my clothes, I made a big joke.w every child is a "little princess" and a "little emperor" at home. The "coarse work" of washing clothes and mopping the floor is not enough for us to worry about. Parents are all inclusive Wholesale Cigarettes, but they always have to do it in their lifetime. At the age of 12, my mother let me learn to do it.s is an unusual Saturday. Mom and Dad want to be lazy. I have an excuse to let me grow up and learn to do housework. I become a victim. I have already seen my mother's trick: "Mom, if you don't want to wash, you can call the washing machine to help you wash it! The family is not a financial crisis, and there is no washing machine, no electricity, and hand washing." But ginger is still old and spicy, my mom doesn't eat me. Yesterday's clothes were all washed by me. Under the care of my mother and her, she agreed to give me a 50 yuan laundry tip. Originally, I was so bitter and straightforward that I had a big change of 180��: "Hey, it��s not just washing clothes, a small thing, it��s on me." Mom was completely speechless. first wet all the clothes and then drip a little detergent. But I don't think there is enough laundry detergent, so I helped each piece of food to have a meal. A large bottle of laundry detergent was used by me for most of the bottle. "Well, ok should be used, you should give your clothes a bath!" I learned the mother's sample, put the clothes on the washboard, hold the collar with my left hand, and grab the tail of the dress with my right hand before the left hand. Formed a folded look of clothes. Then the left hand does not move, and the right hand is washed back and forth with the "tail". In this way, I stumbled through the first dress. In this way, I finished the second and third clothes... until all the clothes were finished. I worked hard and I was full of redness and sweat. "Wow, I thought it would be very simple to wash clothes. I didn't expect it to be so tired, call..." I spit a long breath. But fortunately, only the water is rinsed off. I put all the clothes in the washbasin, filled it with water, and then simply "full basin wash", no problem. But when I rinsed it out one by one, it was a big problem: no matter how many times I wash it, I still have a lot of bubbles. I am 12 years old now, I don��t know how many clothes I have worn, but I don��t know that the clothes have this "King Kong is not bad." But no way, I had to help the naughty clothes to be washed many times, and it took a dozen times to screw up n times, and their bubbles disappeared. Finally, dry these clothes on the hangers. When I went to the bathroom, I saw that the clothes were all wet. Hey, the clothes are washed, I have also showered! next day... When my mother was collecting clothes... "Ma Xu Rui!" I heard that my mother called my full name and knew that it was not a good thing. I walked to the balcony in vain: "Mom, what's wrong?" She pointed at the clothes on the hanger. I looked at it and the clothes were pulled out by me Carton Of Cigarettes. I was too hard when I washed and wringed...). When I finished, this time my family was turned into a "financial crisis Carton Of Marlboro Reds," and the clothes were bought again Cigarette Online. My mother was angry, but I thought about it. I was washing clothes for the first time. It was good to wash it, so forgive me and encourage me to teach me how to do housework. this time I washed the clothes, but I feel very unforgettable Marlboro Red. keep working hard!

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