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Classmates, have you ever experienced a salesperson? I have been a small salesperson this summer.er the store manager��s sister introduced the arrangement of the event to several of our small salespersons, we set off happily.rst task is to be an announcer. I am very nervous, I am afraid that I will laugh when I go up, and I am afraid that I can��t hold back my lines. It��s finally my turn. I clear my throat and walk into the studio like a battlefield. "Dear customers and friends, good afternoon everyone. Welcome to the good and many Jinxuan stores, and I wish you a happy shopping." After that, I felt a relief and gave a round of applause. I think: Actually, it is not difficult!second task is to be a welcoming member, put on a ceremonial belt, stand at the entrance of the mall, and say to the customer: "Good afternoon, welcome." But when I saw the customer, my tongue was like a knot. It turned out to be: "Welcome, come in the afternoon." It made everyone laugh, and I laughed embarrassedly. Things that seem simple, but they are easy to make mistakes!hird task is to promote the item. The salesperson is the customer, we are the salesperson. Finally it was my turn Newport 100S Carton Cheap. I was assigned to introduce two kinds of detergents. Because I didn't know about the products, I was a bit unclear, but I still barely expressed my meaning. "Customer" saw my lack of self-confidence, smirked and saddened me: "The price of these two detergents is similar, the weight is the same, which one is better?" I whispered for a long time Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, said: "Two There are gifts, what kind of gifts do you like Discount Cigarette Cartons, and which one to take." Everyone listened to these words and laughed. "Customer" still does not give up, "You help me find out when is the production date!" I was impatient, I really wanted to blurt out "you have no eyes to see it!" But thinking that the customer is God Newport Online Cigarettes, I have to tell her with patience Marlboro Cheap Cigarettes. Finally, my "customer" picked one of them and the deal was reached! It turns out that when the salesperson is not easy, not only do you have to know the products well, but also have good eloquence and patience.most exciting time is up, that is: to receive the prize! I got a stationery spree! There are pen boxes, rulers, erasers, etc. Holding a big gift box, I can't close my mouth with a smile!s event not only exercised our guts, but also enriched our summer vacation, as well as stationery for school, it is a three-pronged!

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